A Brief Guide To Hayter Lawn Mowers

The Hayter Company was established in 1946 and has produced British made high quality lawn mowers for more than 70 years now. With a focus on advanced engineering, the company’s mowers feature a modern design that also combines a traditional, classic livery and style. The brand has remained the same but its range of mowers has changed over the years to meet the changing requirements of its customers as well as developing technology. Hayter has always kept up to date with its forward thinking features and designs.

Hayter lawn mowers are known for their distinctive green paint finish and available as main electric motors or petrol engines. Both rear roller and 4 wheeled models are available with Honda or Briggs and Stratton engines to suit any budget and garden.

The best selling Hayter Envoy electric mower is the leading electric rear roller lawnmower in the marketplace. The mower features a 36cm width and is ideal for domestic gardens and lawns. The Envoy provides a beautiful finish to your lawn and is very easy to use.

If you are searching for a high quality petrol rear roller lawnmower, several ranges are produced by Hayter, beginning with the Spirit 41 and going up to the Harrier 41, 48 and 56 roller models.

Currently the UK’s most reliable and popular petrol rear roller lawn mowers are: the Spirit 41 Auto drive and Hayter Spirit 41 hand-propelled mower. The Harrier 41 mowers represent a step up in power and size from the company’s Spirit 41 range. The next step up is the Harrier 48 mowers with their 48cm cutting widths. For the serious gardener, there are the self-propelled Harrier mowers that feature a 56cm cutting width and either electrical start or manual models.

Hayter’s professional petrol lawn mower range includes the Harrier 41, 48 and 56 Pro. These mowers all come with a full width rubber rear roller that produces a beautiful striped effect for your lawn. Other features included with the Pro model include aluminium cutter decks, silver paint finish and faster single speed drive.

In Spring 2017 the new Hayter Osprey 4-wheeled lawn mowers are being introduced. The models are ideal for medium and small sized garden and lawn areas. The Osprey self-propelled and push lawnmowers are easy to use, lightweight and powered by petrol Briggs and Stratton engines.

All Hayter lawn mowers come with a comprehensive warranty in case you ever encounter a problem. A 5 year warranty is offered on Spirit petrol mowers for homeowners and there is a 1 year commercial warranty on the Pro models. To get the most from your Hayter lawn mower and to keep its warranty up to date all you need to do is take it into an authorised dealer each year for servicing.

No matter what your lawn care or gas cutting requirements are, Hayter has the ideal petrol or electrical lawn mower to meet your garden and lawn needs. These British made Hayter lawn mowers do not disappoint as they are considered to be the finest lawn mowers available in today’s marketplace.






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